Търговия НЕ е Въпрос на Късмет ...
Това е въпрос на избор, креативност, упорита работа, вярност, търпение . . .
Нашата фирма работи в две области; Резервни Авточасти и Компютри. Чрез тази уеб страница се стараем да улесним за нашите клиенти достъп до нашите специализирани уебсайтове.

About Our Company

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As a small trading company with a limited staff and budget, we have found our relationship with many massive companies to be very beneficial. Not only have they introduced us to trade partners but they have also been very helpful in assisting our company through the process of learning about international commerce.

We consider our company registration to be one of the best business decisions we ever made.


Contact Information

OvermiNd Ltd.

Blvd. Cherni vrah 74,
1407 Sofia-Bulgaria

Phone: 00359 2 962 79 02
Cell phone: 00359 89 669 73 21
Email: info@overmindbg.com